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Joining CHIC almost 30 years ago has been the most rewarding experience of my crossdressing adventure. The friendships I have made in the group are of great value and some are still friends today. There were 5 or 6 crossdresser clubs in those days but in the pre internet era they could be difficult to find. I ventured out to a couple of them but, found it hard to connect with the people there because only a handful were regulars. Most just attended when they could get away so maybe 3 or 4 times per year. If I met someone that seemed like they had similar interests I may not see them for a year if ever.

When I met my friend Ashley at a Texas crossdresser convention in the early 1990s and she suggested I join CHIC. I applied and went through the extensive membership process. Once I was accepted and started attending meetings, I realized that I had found what I was looking for with the other clubs. It was one of those you don't know what you are looking for until you stumble upon it. I was looking for a crossdresser club where I could meet others with the same interests. Really what I was searching for was a sorority of sisters to have crossdressing experiences with and learn from.

Security was important to me, but I hadn't defined what it would look like to yet. CHIC had already established security protocols and club bylaws to cover everything. All I needed to do was follow them like everyone else and it would be fine.

The membership was limited to about 25 members and their wives participated in the club outings. Whereas the other groups had none, CHIC averages about 50% of the wives at meetings.  Crossdresser member attendance is about 75% at most meetings except for the Christmas Party which is about 98%.

The difference between CHIC and other groups is many are billed as support groups where CHIC is a social club. We get together at local mainstream restaurants in the Long Beach area for a fun evening of good food and drink with our friends. New members typically find others that they have similar interests with and venture out together on non-CHIC weekends. Sometimes they are crossdressing-oriented adventures while others are not. My wife and I have traveled to Europe, Hawaii, and the Caribbean on non-crossdressing vacations with member friends. We have also gone on weekend crossdresser outings to San Francisco for dining, shopping, and theater fun. Other couples in the club have gone to Hawaii and Mexico on crossdresser vacations, and several are planning a crossdressing cruise in the future.

CHIC has a great deal to offer members and member couples with a warm friendly, fun social gathering every month. Crossdressers have the friendship and comradery of others who have been there and done that. Those with less experience can learn from more senior members crossdressing knowledge. Wives have a place where they can mix with other wives and share their concerns while being supported.

CHIC is a quality experience with classy people doing fun things together. The application process is extensive but found to be worthwhile for those who are successful in joining. Its what makes CHIC attractive to people looking for a quality experience. That's why many of us have been around for 30 or more years.

Micki Finn

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