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This crossdresser links page has listings for crossdresser’s and all trans people for products and services they can use. I have personally purchased from or worked with all the companies listed.

Classic Curves International Crossdresser Hip and Breast Padding for the most luscious feminine curves.

Quik Shave™

Fast! Twice the shave in half the time. Double headed stainless steel shaver uses two Trac ® blades.


Micki Finn’s website is dedicated to helping crossdresser’s along their way from beginning to advanced crossdresser’s


Wanda’s outings as a crossdresser one of my CHIC sisters

The Wig Factory  A great source for wigs in Long Beach California. It is best to call Lydia for an appointment prior to your visit.

Ultimate Looks Online wig store with large cap wigs and reasonable prices. They have a nice assortment of name brand large cap wigs many crossdresser’s need.

Donna Fujii Institute  Multi ethnic color analysis and image consulting concepts and methods.

Talon Nails Artificial Nails The best nails I have ever used with prompt service in addition to reasonable pricing.


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