CHIC crossdresser group has had a very active speaker’s bureau since 1977. We send one or more crossdresser speakers to each location, depending on the needs of the instructor. We welcome the opportunity to explain the phenomenon of crossdressing to students at universities and colleges. CHIC also speaks to  paramedics, police departments and counseling centers…anywhere there are people who want information!


We attempt to explain crossdressing from the crossdresser point of view. Many people have a preconceived notion of crossdressing as a perversion or mental illness. However, in 1995, the DSM-4 was changed to reflect the modern view of our lifestyle. The DSM-4 stands Physicians Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Revision 4.


Many people reflect attitudes about us formed at the turn of the century, or earlier. Little was known about the crossdresser in those days. The speaker’s bureau’s mission is to help change the perception of crossdressers as “troubled/confused/perverted people.” We can talk at length regarding definitions crossdressers, transvestite, drag queen, transgender, and transsexual.  The history of crossdressing, and theories about why we crossdress. The effect our lifestyle has on our wives and families in addition to effect it has on us the crossdressers.


In the 21st century much has changed regarding the publics attitude toward crossdressing both good and bad. Crossdressing is much more acceptable then it once was which is a positive for us. Crossdressers are being treated much better at restaurants and shopping centers now days. That said there are more new terms being bantered about. Terms like T Girl, Trans person, CD, and gender fluid come to mind so educating the public can never stop. Crossdressers have similarities with the other groups but it is important to us that the public is aware of the differences. 

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