CHIC was formed in 1975 by a group of Los Angeles California Crossdressers, who saw a need for a special kind of sorority. Many of our members are in high profile occupations, and care deeply for their wives and children’s feelings. The “outing” of a member might complicate the member’s relationship with his employee’s/employer/relatives/neighbors.

So we formed a club which has security as an important concern. We have guidelines for membership, which protect our member’s privacy. Member’s refer to each other by their femme name only and usually only one or two members (the initial interviewer of each new member, and the Membership Secretary), know or have access to any member’s male information. Guests are not allowed at meetings without PRIOR board approval. Please click on the Joining CHIC selector for information on our requirements.

As a result of our precautions CHIC can offer a relaxing venue where our members can enjoy the companionship of other Crossdressers/wives/significant others. If we are meeting in a public restaurant/club, we generally reserve a private banquet room, with a separate entrance from the general public. We request that the room have access to private restroom facilities. Many of our members have no difficulty meeting in a completely public setting. However, since some of our members /wives do, we usually defer to our more cautious members tastes.

CHIC’s membership currently consists of about 25 male heterosexual crossdressers along with their wives or significant others. We get together on the second Saturday of each month primarily at mainstream public restaurants in the Los Angeles and Long Beach California area. Occasionally our meetings are held at private homes of members.

Our emphasis is on fun, the evening out and the dining experience so we do not discuss club business at the public venues.

Many CHIC members have become close friends after joining the club and of the 25 members more than half have been members for over 20 years. CHIC is a sorority where besides discussing fashion and beauty golf, football, and military aircraft are popular topics.

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