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High Heels

I have been wearing high heels for years they were the first article of women’s clothing I put on.  Pretty much putting up with the pain along with having my foot pointed when I take them off . The toes are smashed together in a triangle like the bow of a boat and bent upward.  I have to walk a few feet barefoot before they return to normal. A couple of years ago I discovered Vivian Lou Insoles which are shown in the picture below.

The Fix


The gel pad from the arch to just shy of the heel shifts your weight back from the ball of your foot to the heel. It  more evenly distributes your weight across your foot.


Vivian Lou insoles help a great deal but the old ice trick makes the shoes even more comfortable. I wrote about this a couple of years ago on my other site  Recently I made a discovery that makes it even better. I was getting ready to go to a Vanity Club outing in Atlanta and had two new pairs of pumps to wear.

Ice Trick


I inserted the zip lock plastic bags with the corner deep into the toe of each shoe pushing it in with my finger making sure it was all the way in. Then I filled the bags about a third of the way full with water and put them in the freezer over night. I did this three times on one shoe and the other needed a fourth time putting them on in between to check the fit. When the water froze each night it expanded gently stretching the shoe a little each time. The shoes pictured above are satin but the ones I did multiple times were black kid and black  patent leather.

Give it a try it really works!

Micki Finn