You may apply for CHIC membership using our Chic PDF application form just download print out the and fill it out completely.

Mail the completed application to:


8502 E. Chapman Ave. #425

Orange, CA. 92869.

C.H.I.C Applications that are incomplete will be ignored and the process will be halted. Also unless the applicant travels to Los Angeles/Long Beach on a regular basis it is not practical for you to apply due to cost of dues.

The Process

After your C.H.I.C. application has been received you will be discreetly contacted by a club board member. This is done  for the pre interview screening phone call. The purpose of the call is to make sure that you are a crossdresser and understand the membership process. Requirements for C.H.I.C. membership will explained prior to meeting face to face.

This process avoids wasting both the applicant and the interviewer’s time. Screeners will assign a board member to conduct your interview once the screening is complete.

Face to Face

The face to face interview will be conducted at a mutually agreed upon time and location. Everyone will be dressed in normal everyday birth gender attire never crossdressed. If the applicant is married or, in a serious relationship, the female will be expected to attend the interview. If all goes well (both you and your interviewer feel comfortable continuing), you will be extended an invitation to the next regularly scheduled CHIC meeting.

First CHIC Meeting

Attend your first meeting! This is a process by which you will become acquainted with CHIC members and we become acquainted with you. Crossdressing  for this meeting for this meeting is mandatory. Applications will be discussed at the board meeting the following Tuesday.  Provided the board agrees an invitation will be extended for you to attend a second meeting.

Second CHIC Meeting

 This meeting will be much the same as the first one but everyone will be more at ease. We will both have an opportunity to evaluate each other. Your application for membership will be voted upon at the next Tuesday CHIC Board Meeting. You will be notified as to the outcome of the vote and either accepted or declined shortly thereafter. If you are accepted you will be invited to join CHIC on a 6 month probationary basis. If all goes well your regular membership will be confirmed and you will be made a regular member. You will be invoiced for dues prorated based on the time of year.

Please note that if you are declined membership in CHIC it does not mean you have something wrong with you. For instance, you may work at the same company as a current CHIC member which creats a security issue for them. Or the board may feel that your interests are not compatible with the membership.

If you have any questions on the application or the process you may contact us via e-mail at

To contact CHIC fill out the form below:

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