CHIC is primarily a social club for mature married heterosexual crossdresser's and their wives. Crossdresser's Heterosexual Intersocial Club or CHIC was founded in 1975 as a social club for crossdresser's and wives to gather in a safe environment. It is a sorority for like minded mature married heterosexual crossdresser's to express their feminine side. CHIC is not a support group CHIC's emphasis is on fun and friendship.



I was able to meet some members of the chic group at the Diva convention in Las Vegas. I was lucky to be invited to join and we are so happy to come to the meetings once a month and meet all the other members and couples involved in the Chic organization.



I was what you would call a late bloomer.  It wasn’t until I was well into my 50’s that I discovered the urge to crossdress.  I was very lucky that my wife was there during my discovery and was supportive of my adventure to become Erica.

Crossdresser Husband

Needless to say, my journey was quick and I learned the basics rather quickly.  My first venture in public seemed to go well, only fueling my desire to dress in public more frequently.  That is when I decided to see if there were any clubs or organizations where I could meet other like-minded “gurls”.  What a pleasant surprise it was when I discovered CHIC.  Here was an organization where I could not only meet similar people, but also a group that welcomed my other half.  Initially, we were thrilled to meet other couples where my wife could meet and interact with the wives of other crossdressing husbands, giving her the peace of mind that her husband was not unlike a lot of other husbands out there. I was thrilled to meet so may “quality ladies” that really knew how to dress and act in public.  I was also pleased that it provided me with a resource to improve and refine my look and how I presented myself in public.  There is not a better feeling than being in public and not raising a lot of eyebrows or turning heads when you walk by.  It was also a thrill when someone asked to see my I.D. and was quite surprised to see the face on the drivers’ license. I can honestly say that I would not be the person I am without having been a member of CHIC.

Since becoming a member of CHIC, I have met ladies from other organizations and have become a member of a couple of them.  However, the ladies of CHIC just seem to have that extra quality and class that is unmatched by some of these other organizations.

I look forward to our monthly “meetings” and have made some very good friends.  I am very privileged to be a member of CHIC.


Erica Marie

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