I knew something was different when I was about six years old and I had the uncommon urge to dress like a girl. I didn’t know why this was happening or why it was me. I thought I was the only one in the world that was like this. It progressed through my whole life and after I was married for 45 years I finally told my wife and she, to my surprise ,was totally accepting. In fact she has encouraged me and supported me ever since. I was able to meet some members of the CHIC group at the Diva convention in Las Vegas. I was lucky to be invited to join and we are so happy to come to the meetings once a month and meet all the other members and couples involved in the Chic organization. CHIC members are all well educated, polite, well mannered and fun to be with. This organization has changed my outlook on life and made me a much happier and better person. My wife and I both look for to the meetings and having friends over to our home from the group. This organization has been around for over 40 years and has survived because of its members. CHIC has members from all walks of life including CEOs and accountants and teachers and scientists. If you were looking for an organization with high standards and morals you can’t do better than this club.

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