I LOVE crossdressing! I love the people I have met while crossdressing. I have more interesting experiences than I ever could in my male persona.  I can no more explain why I love crossdressing than I could explain why I love golf. It just is. The excitement of putting on frilly lingerie, a beautiful dress and high heels can’t be understated. My wife and I joke about Wanda having two kind of dresses. Wanda dresses and CHIC dresses. CHIC dresses are elegant, high quality, conservative and age appropriate. Wanda dresses are generally short (mini length), sexy and definitely not age appropriate (more teeny bopper). Wanda never wears a Wanda dress to a CHIC event.  CHIC is a high class social club where the members and wives get together at a high end public restaurant for dinner and drinks.  We are generally the best dressed patrons. I especially like our Christmas party where we get a private room and get to wear our finest gowns. A few pictures from the previous Christmas parties.

For a crossdresser interested in a quality experience, it doesn’t get any better than CHIC!

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