Welcome to the CHIC Website. CHIC is an abbreviation for Crossdressers Heterosexual Intersocial Club. We are male to female crossdressers based in Long Beach California.

We hope you find our site  interesting and helpful. The CHIC membership consists of about 30 male heterosexual crossdressers along with  their wives or significant others.


We are a social club for heterosexual crossdrsessers who have accepted and are comfortable with their crossdressing. CHIC  meets on the second Saturday of each month at mainstream public restaurants in the Long Beach area in addition to occasionally at private homes of members.


Security is a very important concern for our membership and the screening process is extensive. We are very particular whom we select for membership and those who succeed find it is worth their trouble. Contrary to popular belief you do not have to pass or be wealthy to become a member.


There is no age range that you must be in although you must be at least 21. You can find membership information in the BECOME A MEMBER OF CHIC section of the site. If you have your head screwed on straight and you conduct yourself as a classy lady along with  presenting a positive image you are well on your way. The ladies of CHIC always present themselves in a lady like manner and project a positive image of crossdressing to the general public.


The interview process is explained more detail in the BECOME A MEMBER OF CHIC page. Because we are a social club acceptance as a member is based on compatibility with the membership. Rejection of your application is not a judgement of your character or style of dress but rather the probability that you would not blend with the membership harmoniously.

We are committed to showing the non TV Show and true version of our lifestyle. Although Caitlyn Jenner has brought crossdresser issues into the limelight it is important for us to make a distinction between her story and ours.

While we all started about the same age and evolved in a similar fashion there is an important difference. It is especially relevant to note that she has decided that she should have been born a woman in addition to having sex reassignment surgery. CHIC members do not feel that we were supposed to be born a woman. Members consider themselves heterosexual male crossdressers with the desire to express themselves in the female gender occasionally. Most of all it is important to us that people understand the difference between crossdressers and Transsexuals in addition to other groups.

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