The membership process requires a written or online application be completely filled out and submitted for review by the board of directors. CHIC does not encourage applying for membership unless you either live near Los Angeles of travel there at 5 times per year. If the board feels the applicant would be a good candidate for membership a telephone screening call is made to the applicant in order to make sure that the applicant fully understands the requirements for membership. If both the screener and the applicant wish to proceed with the application process the screener will report his findings to the board at the next scheduled meeting. A different board member will be assigned to contact the applicant to set up a face to face interview. If the applicant is married and the wife plans to attend meetings she must attend in the interview also. The same goes for applicants who are in a long term relationship where the S.O. plans to attend.

The interview is conducted at a mutually agreed upon place in regular male attire and the applicant must bring three full (head to toe) photographs of them dressed in women’s clothes. The photos can either be returned then and there to the applicant or they me be sent with the interviewer for the board to see with the interview results.  The board evaluates the interview along with the interviewers impressions and votes to either invite the applicant to a regular monthly meeting where they will meet the full membership or decline the application.

Once an applicant has been invited to a meeting by the interviewer who, will now be the clubs point of contact. They will be given all of the pertinent details of the meeting, date, time, place, etc. The interviewer will make introductions of the applicant to the members who are expected to spend time with the applicant.

The applicant is again discussed at the board meeting the following Tuesday where the members impressions from the meeting will be evaluated followed by a vote to either decline the application or invite the them to their second monthly meeting. It is rare to have an application declined at this point which is why we do the screening phone call in the beginning but, it has happened. If the board votes to extend a second invite the interviewer will again notify the applicant and give the details as before.

The board will evaluate again following the same process as before voting to accept or reject the applicant.

Assuming the vote is positive the interviewer will notify the applicant of the good news and instruct them to send their prorated dues to the club. Once they have sent in their dues they will be a regular member in good standing for the remainder of the year.