Side View2 Feminine curves are accomplished by adding silicone pads in both the breast, and hip / buttocks areas. The figure left shows a subtle curve of the lower back extending out to form the buttocks.

The figure below shows the curvature of the hip from the waist to the thigh. The padding on these  figures is conservative and more definition can be accomplished by increasing the size of the pads.

hips 2









The pads pictured below are exactly the same as the ones I am wearing in the pictures above and I have had the same pair for 15 years. They are silicone gel pads from Classic Curves International and are size medium. They are very durable and although mine are not as pretty as the ones pictured hear I have no rips anywhere and they still do the job.  I wear mine with Spanx so I can position them the way I like and once they are they stay put. They are so real that if someone pokes you on the pad anywhere you can feel it.

Crossdresser Hip Pads
Crossdresser Hip Pads

There are many different pads on the market but these were invented and are made by a long standing member of the crossdressing community and a good freind Espy Lopez who owns Classic Curves International.


I have no her for over 20 years and her products are top quality and worth every penny you spend. Do it right the first time and go to Espy for a fitting for both your hips and breasts so you get the correct foundations before you go shopping.



The hips here are positioned so they can be worn on the side to form the hip and butt. The straight edge in the middle should be placed where your cheeks separate.



Both hip and breast size are important and should be proportional to the torso. That is to say that small or narrow breast forms will not look right on a males wider chest. This is an area where many crossdressers have a great deal of difficulty because most sizing information provided by stores or online gives you basic measurements  like the form  below.








The problem is that you can measure your band size (the distance around your chest below your breasts) but how do you know what size breast form you need.  After you have your band measurement subtract it from the bust measurement for the item you are looking at. For instance a size 18 has a 44 inch bust so if you have a band of 41 inches you can use a 3 inch C Cup form and fill the 44 bust. If you have a 43 inch band the 18 dress won’t look right because you wouldonly be able to use a 1 inch breast form. You would need to go up to a size 20 with a 46 inch bust to use a 3 inch C Cup. For those measurements  the TD3 or TD4 which are wider at the base and made for larger frames are the best choice.

Take the time and do it right with professional help and quality forms for the best results.  SuperGel Products / PALS Breastforms are a good place to start.