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Ladylike curves for crossdresser’s









This new shape wear garment is the next evolution of the Veronica line! It’s an outstanding piece of work as the testimony from Robyn Michaels states.

Ladylike curves for crossdressers


 I cannot begin to tell you how I much I lovethe new Veronica 6 Open Bottom Girdle.  But I will try!

I love the romance and feminine glamour of vintage fashions from the 1950s and 1960s, especially my preference for wearing garter style stockings rather than pantyhose or thigh highs. 

Crossdresser hip padding.
The Veronica 6 is the latest in a line of hip padding garments with removable pads.

The new Veronica 6 has everything girls like us could want with an open bottom girdle.  The six garters keep the seams of my vintage nylon stockings nice and straight which is important for making a good impression when out clubbing and dancing the night away.  And the visual effect that the padding provides makes every dress style that much more alluring and feminine. 


And I must admit to a greater sense of confidence in my appearance when wearing the Veronica 6 when out at more public places like restaurants and events.  Even women take notice of the “curves in all the right places”.  And the look is very “natural” and not artificial looking at all.  The attention to detail (delicate lace trim at the hem of the girdle) also was noticed and greatly appreciated by a gentleman admirer who appreciates a girl who dresses to impress.

Crossdresser hip pads
The Veronica 6 is a hip padding system for crossdresser’s and trans people looking for feminine curves.

The Veronica 6 open bottom girdle is pin-up perfect, too!  Classic glamour from Classic Curves International…what more could I ask for?

Robyn Michaels


I discovered this little gem the other day and will be trying it out on my San Francisco outing soon. The remote is Bluetooth wireless and I will be testing how far away it will work.

I like the fact that it is compact and light weight while being machined from aluminum for durability.

This way instead of designing a 10 foot selfie stick I can take pictures from that distance with this remote. I love the way I look from 10 or 20 feet away.

Fox Caitlyn Jenner Interview

LOS ANGELES, CA – JULY 15: Honoree Caitlyn Jenner accepts the Arthur Ashe Courage Award onstage during The 2015 ESPYS at Microsoft Theater on July 15, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Tucker Carlson will interview Caitlyn Jenner on the first episode of his show in Bill O’Reilly’s time slot on Fox.

Carlson will interview Jenner, the former Olympic gold medalist and author on Monday, April 24. Jenner is expected to touch on President Trump’s administration and the current political climate and divide in America, Fox News said in a statement on Friday.

The members of CHIC will have varying  opinions on this topic so I will net add any comments on the interview.

For my personal viewpoint please go to



Diva Las Vegas 2017

It has been many years since I have been to any type of crossdressing event having lost interest in the rubber chicken dinners and endless recognition awards. I have pondered Diva Las Vegas for some time because they say it is not like the conventions but rather a vacation. I have decided to  attend this year so I will know in about two weeks or April 1st.

It sounds like a lot of fun but will take some getting used to because it takes place all over all week long. They have a texting system set up to keep everybody posted on events and changes. I like the idea that you can opt in or out of events leaving you time to do what you like. You can find out more at their website

It starts next Sunday so don’t wait too long to register if you are thinking of attending.


With Diva Las Vegas just 3 1/2 weeks away I thought traveling girls might appreciate my recent discovery.

The pictures below are one of of my wig on a 13 inch head to give you an idea of how much space there is inside the case. Use 18 inch head for long wigs or the 13 or 15 for shorter wigs. Using a 13 or 15 inch head with the 21 inch box gives me plenty of room so the top stays looking great,

Wig Travel Box – 21 Inch – Purple/Black – With 15 Inch Styrofoam Head. I  purchased this size because I hate my old boxes that are only are only 12 inches tall so the hair gets smashed down when traveling.

I also like the fact that they are somewhat discreet instead of the bright pink cardboard variety that SCREAMS WIG!!! 

When I am out and about in girl mode it’s one thing but when I am checking in as Duke I don’t want people staring at my wig box. I don’t think I will ever get over that feeling.

I ordered mine from but you can also get them from them direct at www.












Mick Finns Website






Hello All,

It has been a long time coming but this month I launched my personal website dedicated to crossdresser’s and their interests. It’s not political, not dating, or sexual but dedicated to passing on what I have both learned from others in addition to discoveries I made myself. It is my hope that others will find things there to make their crossdressing experience more enjoyable.

Here is the link to me site.



Crossdresser Closeup Makeup Perfection

I travel to different cities every month to let my inner gurl out and have learned a few tricks along the way about what I need to look oh so lovely when going out en fem. This idea works  very well for false eyelash application and closeup eyeliner also. It works for wives also so don’t keep it a secret or you will miss your chance to be a hero!

Suction Mirror

The 9 inch diameter 7X mirror and hanger come from Bed Bath and Beyond. It is best to get the hanger that fits both thick and standard doors or is adjustable. The cord can be purchased at home Depot or any hardware store.

Over Door Hook


This particular metal  hanger is adjustable for door thickness but the one I bought is different because I wanted plastic (see below) to keep the weight of my luggage down.









The back of the mirror has 3 suction cups which can be moistened and stuck to any mirror but, damage to the mirror is a possibility not to mention the strain on your legs and back leaning over the sink.








Adjustable cord lets you set the height where needed. It is great for false eyelash application.
Adjustable cord lets you set the height where needed. It is great for false eyelash application.



I used pink cord from Home Depot to make mine girly and made a loop in the end large enough to fit over one of the suction cups. I cut it at about 2 feet to give plenty of extra cord in case it is needed later on because some doors are taller or you might want to get ready in front outside the bathroom. Possibly on front of a window to get natural lighting.


Left is 7X and right is 5X magnification.
Left is 7X and right is 5X magnification.

Place the hanger on top of the door then slide the loop over the suction cup on the mirror and wrap the cord around the bottom of the hanger at the correct height. You can practically touch your eye to the mirror it’s so close.




I purchased a inexpensive padded laptop case from Office Depot to keep the mirrors safe from breaking inside my luggage.



Nails Update April 2016

UPDATE April 2016  I found a much better way to get the contact cement off of your nails when you remove them.

Its better for removal of contact cement than acetone and easier on your skin
Its better for removal of contact cement than acetone and easier on your skin


I discovered this one by accident when I ran out of polish remover pads that were my previous solution. I had just returned home and removed my eye makeup so it was still on the sink so I gave it a try. It worked like a charm removing all of the contact cement without removing the natural oil from my finger skin. AWESOME!

Just wet a cotton ball with the eye makeup remover and press against the contact cement on your nail. Hold it for a few seconds and then gently start rubbing and it will just roll off your finger.

Crossdressing Career?

After fantasizing about it all your life now you have a chance to go to work everyday dressed en fem. Gina Ortiz ( originally Transformations By Gina) is now Transitions Makeup and Photo and she is looking to expand her business. A limited few lucky investors will have an opportunity to invest in a license to open their own store. Gina will give you all the training and support that you need to succeed.

Gina has worked in the movie and television industry for many years and has been working with the Trans Community for over 15 years. You can see some of her work on the website and she will teach you how to do it for your clients.

Here is a link if you are interested in investing.

Frozen Toes

Well not really but, if you want to stretch your shoes without over doing it with mechanical shoe stretchers you might try this. After my first attempt the right shoe was awesome but the left needed a little more so, I will know in the morning. I took zip lock sandwich baggies and after tucking one of the corners into the pointed toe of the shoe I added just enough water to fill the lower area of the shoe.

IMG_2125I then placed them into the freezer over night. Anybody who lives in a cold climate knows that when the water freezes it will expand and in this case evenly and gently. It will not break the shoe because with significant resistance the ice will expand out of the shoe instead of popping the seams.