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April Grand Prix

The crossdressing ladies of CHIC had to scramble a bit in April a bit after finding out we could not go where we planned for our meeting that month. It seems that somebody planned the Long Beach Grand Prix on the same weekend as our meeting without telling us. The place we were going was ground zero for the race. We knew it would be full of people with insane traffic so we scrambled and went back to an old favorite a few miles down the road from the race.

We took the private dining area of the restaurant but had a few race enthusiasts curious about 12 beautiful women at one table. One of us said hello in her deepest voice and FLASH they were gone.

Even with them it was a fun evening with about an hour in the lounge before dinner and then 3 more at the dinner table. Having the room until midnight is great because everyone gets a chance to move around chat with everyone. We were 5 couples and two singles that night. Five wives and seven crossdressers in total.


For the first time in over a decade four members of CHIC decided to attend a crossdresser function and chose the Diva Las Vegas event this year. I say event because it is not a convention as some might assume but, what the organizers go to great length to let you know it is a vacation. It takes some getting used to if you are accustomed to the convention format where schedules are fixed and pretty much all the activities are held in the convention area of a host hotel. There is no vendor area, seminars, speakers or vendors at the event. Instead there is shopping for whatever you want in town and the DVLG website gives you a list of places by category along with guidance on what to expect from them.

The event is held at various locations all over Las Vegas and there are three hotels participating from downtown to the strip to serve every budget. Of course, you can stay where ever you wish if you have a favorite hotel. Two of our people stayed at the Four Queens Hotel downtown which was affiliated with the event and the other two opted for the Palazzo Hotel on the strip.

You choose which activities that are of interest and sign up for them online before the event starts. They have a group text that goes out to everyone that signed up for it where you can have reminders sent to your phone for your activities an hour ahead of time as I did. You can participate on any level that you want signing up for many or just a few activities. Two of our people went for pretty much the whole program while the other two only came to the night activities freelancing on their own. There were crossdressers from New Zealand and Canada attending and I am sure other countries as well. I am not sure what the total number of attendees but it was over 100 for sure.

The organizers did a good job of taking care of the details and it was a fun time for everyone with no problems. From what I could see the public seemed to have no issues with the crossdressers and the hotels, bars, restaurants etc. were very accommodating to everyone.

I was concerned about rowdiness from people who have had too much to drink bothering crossdressers but saw none of it personally. In all it was a positive experience and something I would recommend to anyone bored with the typical CD convention looking for a fun outing.

I also recommend that regardless of how comfortable you are out and about that you attend the first timer’s orientation in addition to reading the guideline information material on the DVLV website. I was astonished to learn that taxis will not stop to pick you up so don’t bother trying to hail them. It is against the law for them to stop and they will be ticketed if caught. The best way to get one is the front of any hotel.






Diva Las Vegas 2017

It has been many years since I have been to any type of crossdressing event having lost interest in the rubber chicken dinners and endless recognition awards. I have pondered Diva Las Vegas for some time because they say it is not like the conventions but rather a vacation. I have decided to  attend this year so I will know in about two weeks or April 1st.

It sounds like a lot of fun but will take some getting used to because it takes place all over all week long. They have a texting system set up to keep everybody posted on events and changes. I like the idea that you can opt in or out of events leaving you time to do what you like. You can find out more at their website

It starts next Sunday so don’t wait too long to register if you are thinking of attending.

January 2017 Dinner

We had almost 18 crossdresser’s and wives for the January dinner meeting. Because January is when we hold elections for officer and board positions we needed room to move around and talk. The restaurant came up with a great solution offering us the upstairs portion of the restaurant. It worked out great and we had the space from 7:00pm until midnight. I think they would have let us stay longer but, everyone was ready to leave by 12:00am.

The privacy of upstairs really appeals to some members but I do interacting with the people downstairs in the bar. Everyone is really friendly and it’s fun to answer their questions.

Good times for all!

December Christmas Party

The ladies of CHIC again out dressed all the other patrons at this years Christmas Party. The food was excellent and although I enjoyed my Osso Buco  which, was tender and flavorful the fillet Mignon was the envy of the night.  It was the Fred Flintstone cut and was the largest I have ever seen. Most people did not finish them taking them home instead.

Only three wore formals this year but all were dressed elegantly. This year we were at a different restaurant and everyone liked it so well we have already booked the private dining room for next year.

November Dinner

The back lounge has become a very popular with the ladies of CHIC and Saturday was no exception although I miss the main part of the restaurant. It is fun to meet with people from the other world and let them see we don’t bite and are actually a lot of fun.

When we are back in the lounge with our private table for 14 it is secure and works very well especially, when you have new applicants attending their first meeting. That was the case this month with a nice couple who were experiencing their first meeting with CHIC in addition to going out dressed for the 1st time. They were able to relax and get to know everyone in the sofa and chair area before moving to the table set for 14.

We had 14 people 3 married couples, 2 S/O couples and the rest 4 non escorted ladies. Most everyone was there early prior to 7:00pm and definitely all arrived before 8:00pm when we moved to the dining area for dinner. We stayed after  until almost 11:00pm then called it a night.

Halloween in San Francisco

Last month was the Seattle adventure with Susie and this month it was Ashley joining me in San Francisco for a weekday adventure. After going to San Francisco for the last 15 plus years for Halloween weekend we decided to avoid the chaos this time and arrived on Sunday night staying until Wednesday morning.

We checked into the hotel within a few hours of each other and met for cocktails at 7:00pm in the hotel bar. I made reservations for dinner at Farallon an old favorite of ours at 8:00pm a little later than usual to give us extra time to get ready.


Disappointing this time because although the hostess greeted us with a smile and used the proper pronouns nobody asked us if we wanted to check our shawls. She then took us through the entire restaurant to the back corner next to the kitchen. I am not sure if she felt the need to hide the crossdressers from the other patrons or was just trying to unload the crappy table nobody ever wants. (I swear restaurants train their hosts to take every party to the crappy table until someone takes it.) The server came and was very polite but, screwed up the order finally getting it right but in all I felt the food was overpriced and the portions small.

Monday was Halloween but other than the kids it was quiet with the big parties on Saturday night there wasn’t much party going on. The city wasn’t very busy either so after meeting for lunch we were off to DSW for shoes then off to Mac for some lipstick then, Nordstrom for dress shopping. Up and down seven floors and I found nothing so we walked up to Macy’s. There is a very large shoe selection in Macys so it takes a while to take it all in. Nothing was working my way so I left Ashley trying on shoes and went up to the 5th floor where the thick chicks section is. Bingo! I scored 2 blouses and a skirt that I loved and fit very well. The sales associates are very helpful and will get you set up with a room to change in and sometimes check on you to see if you want a different size. I like this store best of all the Macy’s Women’s sections because it has large selection and is never crowded. It was time to haul my goodies a few blocks up the street to the hotel where I could give the feet some rest before starting the night time makeup routine.

Monday night it was off to another favorite place for dinner at Boulevard restaurant. We both love this place but it is hard to get in most of the time. The building is from the 1800’s and has been beautifully restored in that period which was done impeccably.

boulevardWe checked in with the hostess and were seated in a nice booth right away. For me this is one of my favorite steak places and the fillet did not disappoint. Everything we had right down to desert was a treat and we enjoyed the evening very much. The staff were very engaging and we chatted with the hostess, our server and several others for a while before going back to the hotel for a nightcap.

Tuesday, we again met for lunch and agreed there was no point in going back to Nordstrom so we headed for the Cheesecake Factory inside Macy’s. They serve breakfast all day so it sounded good and we both went for omelets. Wow! We not only could have shared one omelet we could have invited friends because it was huge. Now it was off to the large lady’s section again just in case I missed anything Monday. With the CHIC Christmas Party is next month and I have not made up my mind if I will wear a formal gown again this year or go for something else. I found several but nothing floated my boat so It was down to the jewelry section for treasure hunting. I found some earrings and a couple of bracelets before heading back to the hotel.

Tuesday night was another favorite Jardinière which is popular with the Symphony goers for dinner before the performance.

jardiniereThe food and service are great and the decor is fabulous. I eat there by myself sometimes and they treat me wonderfully. It turned out that the host working that night is one of the people we chatted with at Boulevard the night before and he gave us my favorite table upstairs. After a cocktail, we decided to go for the special Wagyu Ribeye steak which was a small fortune for a small portion but it was very tender and flavorful. They did not rush us as the night went on and after desert we finished up in the hotel bar and then called it a night.

Special thanks to Uber who we used for our transportation the entire trip. They were fast, courteous and used proper pronouns. They would have gotten 5 stars if they opened doors for us.

Already planning the next trip for 2017.

October CHIC Meeting

October was a much smaller meeting which happens from time to time when schedules collide and nothing can be done. Gawd I hate when that happens but, sometimes ya just can’t avoid it. The group was only nine for October which ended up being a good thing really because we were not stretched at one long table making it hard to converse with everyone.  The weather was warm enough to  sit on the patio but cool enough for our under garments and padding.

The patio is also nice because it does not fill up like the other tables and they let us stay as long as we want.

Seattle Crossdressing Adventure

As a departure from the usual post this month in addition to where the club members gathered for CHIC’s monthly club meeting myself and fellow CHIC member Susie had our own adventure in Seattle Washington. It turned out that both of us had business in Seattle during the same week so the obvious temptation overwhelmed us. What if we brought our girly stuff with us and explored Seattle for the weekend? The answer was simple, FUN!

After coordinating our schedules and making hotel reservations arriving at the Warwick Seattle hotel on Thursday. Susie had dinner plans with some local Tgirl friends she knew in the area and I did business stuff but, joined them later as my guy self and enjoyed hanging out with them. I know they did not envy my attire but I sure envied theirs.

Friday morning, I had some calls to make for work so the weekend actually started with Susie and I meeting for lunch in girl mode at the hotel then off to our favorite hunting ground Macy’s and Nordstrom for shopping. We stopped briefly at the MAC counter to resupply with makeup goodies then asked the MAC Girl for directions to the “Chunky” or “Thick Chick” (we are not petite) section of the store. Directions in hand we set out for the 3rd floor and combed the racks for girly stuff finding a few gems. Next we went back down stairs for purses and jewelry scoring some victories again. I was disappointed that I could not find some heels I liked but will be in San Francisco in a couple of weeks so maybe I will do better there.

After shopping we stopped at Oliver’s Lounge in the Mayflower Park Hotel for some drinks and hors d’ oeuvres prior to going back to the Warwick to get ready for dinner. Friday night we had a reservation at the Brooklyn Seafood Steak & Oyster House.  


We got an awesome table with a great view of the whole restaurant. I have been there before a few years back with my wife but never in DRAG and they were great with it. The food is awesome no matter what you get so you really can’t go wrong. Susie was up for the halibut which, she said was a great piece of fish while I opted for a steak which was perfectly cooked.

I am partial to cosmopolitans and the one that served me was one of the best I have ever had and I loved the glass too.










Saturday morning, we opted to skip girly mode and wander around the harbor at Ballard and check out the fishing boats that fish primarily in Alaska. Going there was very interesting but doing it in gurl mode probably wouldn’t be such a good idea. We got back to the hotel in late afternoon then headed upstairs to get pretty for our trip to Morton’s Steak House for dinner.

Morton’s in Seattle is virtually the same floor plan as San Francisco with stairs leading down from the street level to the restaurant below.









We were greeted by the hostess and seated at a corner booth in the middle of the restaurant which was not very crowded most likely because of the severe storm (hold on to your hair) warning.


Susie joined me in ordering an 8-ounce filet with twice baked au gratin potatoes along with some Brussel sprouts.







After a wonderful dinner we stopped in Morton’s cocktail lounge for a drink and some conversation before heading back to the Warwick for a nightcap.









This was my first trip to Seattle so we had to get familiar with the town and I am looking forward to my next trip to find some great places to hang out.

September Season

September is a favorite month for many of us especially those who  don’t shave in the summer due to wearing shorts  and not wanting questions about hairless legs. September is the launch of the girly season so it’s off with the hair and on with the hosiery. Once that and everything else is complete its time to show off those smooth legs to the world.

This month it was off to a favorite place that we are now going more often because it is so comfortable for all especially the wives. Having our own dining room with a lounge for drinks before dinner is great. The food and service are fantastic and the staff loves when we come which is another reason we enjoy going there.

We had 12 in September which is good because the table can only hold 14 and everyone can chat without having to yell. Another bonus is that they let us have the room for drinks in the lounge afterward which we always do.