CHIC is based in the Los Angeles County area of Southern California and the majority of our meetings are centrally located in or around the city of Long Beach. Our members live in the surrounding areas for the most part and stretch from Ventura County in the north to San Diego in the south.

Contrary to popular belief you do not have to pass as a woman in public or be wealthy to become a member of CHIC. The majority of our members are married with children or in long term committed relationships. At about the age of 40 many crossdressers start to express a desire to dress more often and explore the opportunities to meet other like minded people. CHIC has become a place for them to socialize with and learn from others who share the desire to crossdress. Members come together from many different backgrounds with the common interest in crossdressing. The membership is diverse and although there is no such thing as a typical member there is a core group that attends most of the meetings who have many common traits. They are in a position to spend the time and money to achieve a more feminine look and enjoy going to nice restaurants. Crossdressing has become more important to them and they wish to have more quality experiences while dressed. Most of their children have left the house so it is safer to keep the wardrobe at home and possibly even dress there. They now have more money to devote to dressing and have a greater interest in learning the skills to improve their look.  Most of this group have developed those skills and gladly share with new members. The group also has many of the same interests outside of crossdressing and shares them together.  Some have formed long lasting friendships that have lasted many years.

The character of the member and their contribution to the club is of paramount importance in the interest of group harmony. The quality of the membership enhances the club experience of everyone and is an important part of the membership selection decision. We go to restaurants where we know the management and are welcome. Each restaurant has been thoroughly researched and visited by members first in male attire then crossdressed. In many cases the ownership or management has been interviewed and expectations of both parties have been discussed in detail.

The ladies of CHIC are dedicated to presenting themselves in a lady like manner, projecting a positive image of crossdressing to the general public. Members are expected to dress in age appropriate attire when attending club functions. We don’t have fashion police in the club because we have selected members with good taste.


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