Ladylike curves for crossdresser’s









This new shape wear garment is the next evolution of the Veronica line! It’s an outstanding piece of work as the testimony from Robyn Michaels states.

Ladylike curves for crossdressers


 I cannot begin to tell you how I much I lovethe new Veronica 6 Open Bottom Girdle.  But I will try!

I love the romance and feminine glamour of vintage fashions from the 1950s and 1960s, especially my preference for wearing garter style stockings rather than pantyhose or thigh highs. 

Crossdresser hip padding.
The Veronica 6 is the latest in a line of hip padding garments with removable pads.

The new Veronica 6 has everything girls like us could want with an open bottom girdle.  The six garters keep the seams of my vintage nylon stockings nice and straight which is important for making a good impression when out clubbing and dancing the night away.  And the visual effect that the padding provides makes every dress style that much more alluring and feminine. 


And I must admit to a greater sense of confidence in my appearance when wearing the Veronica 6 when out at more public places like restaurants and events.  Even women take notice of the “curves in all the right places”.  And the look is very “natural” and not artificial looking at all.  The attention to detail (delicate lace trim at the hem of the girdle) also was noticed and greatly appreciated by a gentleman admirer who appreciates a girl who dresses to impress.

Crossdresser hip pads
The Veronica 6 is a hip padding system for crossdresser’s and trans people looking for feminine curves.

The Veronica 6 open bottom girdle is pin-up perfect, too!  Classic glamour from Classic Curves International…what more could I ask for?

Robyn Michaels