April Grand Prix

The crossdressing ladies of CHIC had to scramble a bit in April a bit after finding out we could not go where we planned for our meeting that month. It seems that somebody planned the Long Beach Grand Prix on the same weekend as our meeting without telling us. The place we were going was ground zero for the race. We knew it would be full of people with insane traffic so we scrambled and went back to an old favorite a few miles down the road from the race.

We took the private dining area of the restaurant but had a few race enthusiasts curious about 12 beautiful women at one table. One of us said hello in her deepest voice and FLASH they were gone.

Even with them it was a fun evening with about an hour in the lounge before dinner and then 3 more at the dinner table. Having the room until midnight is great because everyone gets a chance to move around chat with everyone. We were 5 couples and two singles that night. Five wives and seven crossdressers in total.