For the first time in over a decade four members of CHIC decided to attend a crossdresser function and chose the Diva Las Vegas event this year. I say event because it is not a convention as some might assume but, what the organizers go to great length to let you know it is a vacation. It takes some getting used to if you are accustomed to the convention format where schedules are fixed and pretty much all the activities are held in the convention area of a host hotel. There is no vendor area, seminars, speakers or vendors at the event. Instead there is shopping for whatever you want in town and the DVLG website gives you a list of places by category along with guidance on what to expect from them.

The event is held at various locations all over Las Vegas and there are three hotels participating from downtown to the strip to serve every budget. Of course, you can stay where ever you wish if you have a favorite hotel. Two of our people stayed at the Four Queens Hotel downtown which was affiliated with the event and the other two opted for the Palazzo Hotel on the strip.

You choose which activities that are of interest and sign up for them online before the event starts. They have a group text that goes out to everyone that signed up for it where you can have reminders sent to your phone for your activities an hour ahead of time as I did. You can participate on any level that you want signing up for many or just a few activities. Two of our people went for pretty much the whole program while the other two only came to the night activities freelancing on their own. There were crossdressers from New Zealand and Canada attending and I am sure other countries as well. I am not sure what the total number of attendees but it was over 100 for sure.

The organizers did a good job of taking care of the details and it was a fun time for everyone with no problems. From what I could see the public seemed to have no issues with the crossdressers and the hotels, bars, restaurants etc. were very accommodating to everyone.

I was concerned about rowdiness from people who have had too much to drink bothering crossdressers but saw none of it personally. In all it was a positive experience and something I would recommend to anyone bored with the typical CD convention looking for a fun outing.

I also recommend that regardless of how comfortable you are out and about that you attend the first timer’s orientation in addition to reading the guideline information material on the DVLV website. I was astonished to learn that taxis will not stop to pick you up so don’t bother trying to hail them. It is against the law for them to stop and they will be ticketed if caught. The best way to get one is the front of any hotel.