Wecome to the official website of the CROSSDRESSERS HETEROSEXUAL INTERSOCIAL CLUB also known as CHIC. We are a social group of outgoing fun seeking CEO’s which stands for Crossdress Every Opportunity, made up of of about 20 heterosexual male crossdressers along with some wives and significant others. We are a group of men who have become reasonably comfortable dressing as women and enjoy going out to nice restaurants once a month with our friends. CHIC get’s together on the second Saturday of each month primarily at mainstream public restaurants in the Los Angeles and Long Beach California area. Our emphasis is on fun, the evening out and the dining experience so we do not discuss club business at the public venues. 

As you explore our site you will find information regarding crossdressing from the heterosexual perspective. Terms such as Transvestite, TV, Drag Queen, DQ, Transsexual, TS, Transgender, TG, and others are commonly used to describe men who dress as women but there are distinct differences. Since Caitlyn Jenner announced her life changes the term Transgender seems to be attributed to her new lifestyle. Although we support Caitlyn’s choices for herself,  she has chosen a different path from the members of CHIC and the differences are significant. You will find in depth information on the differences between those terms in the beginning of the HANDBOOK PAGE . You will not find anything sexual in nature or pictures of any kind because this is a serious subject deserving of respect.The ladies of CHIC are dedicated to presenting themselves in a lady like manner, projecting a positive image of crossdressing to the general public.

CHIC maintains an active Speakers program where we furnish knowledgeable speakers to various colleges and universities along with government agencies to educate them on heterosexual crossdressering. More information can be found on the SPEAKERS BUREAU PAGE. Security is a priority for the membership and the club has put together time tested procedures to insure against unwanted disovery. Questions about ones occupation are not permitted and photographs are discouraged but allowed provided everyone in the picture has given their consent to being in the picture.

Members wives and significant others are very important to us and we try to make sure that they are comfortable at meetings. You will find more information about security on the MEMBERSHIP PAGE and HANDBOOK PAGES .

CHIC was formed in 1976 when crossdressers did not enjoy the freedoms and public acceptance that exists in today’s society. The club is based on having a safe secure place to express ones feminine side without the fear of having their true identity known. There was a time believe it or not when we could be arrested for impersonating a female and sent to jail. Many careers and marriages ended upon discovery of an arrest and or conviction for such an offense. A place was needed where crossdressers could speak freely and support each other and share knowledge without fear of being discovered. So CHIC was formed.  You will find a detailed history of CHIC on the ABOUT US PAGE.

Crossdressing is truly an art and over time many techniques have been created and refined in order to perfect a more feminine image. In order to achieve the best result you must first have a good face and body foundation to build upon. Skin health and texture will enhance appearance and the right padding in the right places is a must. More information can be found on the GETTING DRESSED page


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