Crossdressing Career?

After fantasizing about it all your life now you have a chance to go to work everyday dressed en fem. Gina Ortiz ( originally Transformations By Gina) is now Transitions Makeup and Photo and she is looking to expand her business. A limited few lucky investors will have an opportunity to invest in a license to open their own store. Gina will give you all the training and support that you need to succeed.

Gina has worked in the movie and television industry for many years and has been working with the Trans Community for over 15 years. You can see some of her work on the website and she will teach you how to do it for your clients.


Here is a link if you are interested in investing. http://www.transitionsmakeupandphoto.com/FRANCHISE.html


Christmas Party Elegance


The ladies of CHIC strutted their stuff once again for the annual club Christmas Party. There is nothing like being out on the town in a floor length gown to make you feel like a lady. Ashley stood out in her red lace gown along with Susie in deep blue followed by Micki in her black sheath with rhinestone sparkling over it’s length. Others chose knee length cocktail dresses and all were festive. Hot The Hors d’ Oeuvres floated around the room leading up to the full buffet complete with carving station. The champagne flowed all night long.



Frozen Toes

Well not really but, if you want to stretch your shoes without over doing it with mechanical shoe stretchers you might try this. After my first attempt the right shoe was awesome but the left needed a little more so, I will know in the morning. I took zip lock sandwich baggies and after tucking one of the corners into the pointed toe of the shoe I added just enough water to fill the lower area of the shoe.

IMG_2125I then placed them into the freezer over night. Anybody who lives in a cold climate knows that when the water freezes it will expand and in this case evenly and gently. It will not break the shoe because with significant resistance the ice will expand out of the shoe instead of popping the seams.


Baby Face

NYX Pore FillerSometime back I discovered pore fillers for that porcelain smooth complexion and have tried several which all work pretty well. I also paid anywhere from $14.00 to $40.00 dollars and the good news is the $14 NYX works great so you don’t have to spend the extra money for a good result. Get mine from Ulta but you can get it anywhere the sell NYX Cosmetics.


Pain Free Heels!

Vivian Lou InsertI have been testing a product that was recommended to me that claims to have an almost pain free experience after being in heels for up to 4 hours. Guess what? It’s true, unbelievable but true. I have been wearing Vivian Lou Insolia inserts in my 3 1/2 inch pumps now for several months including a trip to San Francisco where walking is a big part of the trip. After being out all night when I take off my shoes my toes are not shaped like a speedboat anymore and don’t ache like they used to all these years. You know what I mean, they point upward for several minutes before gravity takes over.


They come in pairs of course and they recommend that you place them about 1/8 inch from the back of the inside sole. Peel back only enough of the cover to stick so you can test drive them before you permanently mount them. I did mine about 1/2 inch because it felt like I was standing on a golf ball but the feeling went away. It is hard to believe that this little insert will shift your weight and shoulders back taking the pressure off the ball of your foot but it works.

Vivian InsertGive them a try www.vivianlou.com


The Wig Factory

The Wig Factory is a great little wig store in Long Beach California that is very helpful to cross dressers. It is best to make an appointment with Lydia because she is the expert but sometimes others work the store.

The Wig Factory

The Wig Factory
The Wig Factory


Long Auburn







Hip Padding by Classic Curves International

Part of looking like a woman is the appearance of hips and breasts otherwise known as womanly curves. My picture below shows the curvature of the hip from the waist to the thigh. The padding on these  pictures is conservative and more definition can be accomplished by increasing the size of the pads.

hips 2










The pads pictured below are exactly the same as the ones I am wearing in the pictures above and I have had the same pair for 15 years. They are silicone gel pads from Classic Curves International  size medium. The pads are very durable and although mine are not as pretty anymore as the ones pictured hear I have no rips or tears anywhere.  They stick like glue and are still doing the job after all this time.  I wear mine with Spanx so I can position them the way I like, and once there they stay put. They are so real that if you apply pressure  with your finger to the pad in a poking motion anywhere you can feel it through the silicone.







There are many different pads on the market but these were invented and are made by a long standing member of CHIC and  the crossdressing community. She is a good friend and her name is Espy Lopez. She founded and owns Classic Curves International.

Espy_h300c10ds[1]I have known her for over 20 years and her products are top quality and worth every penny you spend. Do it right the first time and go to Espy for a fitting for both your hips and breasts. That way   you will get the correct foundations before you go shopping and build your wardrobe.



The hips here are positioned so they can be worn on the side to form the hip and butt. The straight edge in the middle should be placed where your cheeks separate. Both hip and breast size are important and should be proportional to the torso.


Artificial Nails Update

Talon Nails asked me to try out their already painted nails which worked out very well and saved time in the process. They are the same material as their unfinished nails coming in popular colors looking  great when done. The picture below shows the nails as they come in the package. I made a fixture from an unfinished table leg bought from Home Depot. The nails are sitting on ice cream sticks glued together then to the leg. To give the nails a uniform size I used fewer sticks on the left for the pinky finger and more for the thumb and middle fingers. The nails should not extend more than 1/4 inch beyond your finger to avoid pulling off accidentally.NAILS 1

The nails can be cut to size using either scissors or the special nail clipper available at beauty supply stores. I recommend the clippers because they have a slot that they nail goes through and will give a much more uniform cut. Having the nails cut to a uniform size allows you to create spare nails should you lose one and know it will match the other nails.NAILS 2Once the nails are cut to size you can just trim the corners and then file to the desired shape. Be sure to file the nails in downward strokes from the outside in otherwise you will create a beveled edge which will look like a white stripe around the edge. The picture below shows the finished nails ready to wear. If you can find a color that you like on Talons Nails website you will save a ton of time using this method.NAILS 3

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August 2015 Pool Party

It was almost 100% attendance for the August meeting with close to 20 members and guests joining in the fun.  Joanne once again hosted the pool party with her usually fare. There was abundant food and beverage with Sabrina working her magic on the BBQ while others sun bathed in their bikini’s . Embarrassing  tan lines were avoided thank goodness  while others opted for sun dresses.

July 2015 Meeting

14 ladies of CHIC enjoyed a wonderful evening of fun and chatting in our own private dinning area this month. It was not the same cast of characters though with two prospective members attending their very first CHIC meeting. By all accounts they had a great time and will be back for more next month.

Mountain Maiden’s For May

Sixteen ladies of CHIC made the climb up the mountain for May’s club meeting in Wrightwood. Chilly mountain air kept the group inside which was close to the food and there was plenty of that to go around. Starting with the appetizer spread of fresh fruit, cheeses, chips and salsa along with mixed nuts. Dinner was appropriate considering  the cool night with tamales and chilli for everyone followed by Tapioca pudding in addition to a chocolate layered desert.